Cry baby

Do movies make you cry?

They make me cry…they make me cry like a baby! There is something so cathartic about watching a movie and crying…especially when you are by yourself and feeling sorry for yourself for being sick anyway!

I watched two movies today and I sobbed in both of them.

The first was Looking For Alibrandi. I love this movie, I love it for what it represents and what it makes me remember. I really enjoyed high school and can relate to so much of the angst and indecision portrayed in the movie.

But when John dies…I’m off…someone bring me a tissue. Continue reading

Trouble with taxi drivers

Never do I feel like more of a guest in this country than when I have a run in with a taxi driver and need to have someone else speak for me.

Taxi drivers are the bane of my existence.  I could list for you the multitude of reasons why I usually hate them, but I won’t.

Instead I will tell you the most recent reason that I hate them…and how I ended up an indignant, quivering and slightly ashamed mess. Continue reading