There are a lot of things I hate about airports…I’m sure everyone has at least one thing that gets on their goat.

Manila airport is confusing…to say the least. Firstly, you are not allowed inside the airport unless you are actually flying, which is crappy because it’s the kind of place where you really need some distraction. You have to show your ticket and get your bags screened before they even let you in the door.

Flying home with Qantas is an interesting experience. Firstly, you line up and get your ticket checked and bag weighed. There are two queues, which inevitably move at alternating speeds. Just like the supermarket, I can always be assured that no matter whic queue I join, that will be the slow queue.

After you get your bag weighed, you line up again for a bomb screening. Each bag in your possession is swabbed for bomb residue and then wheeled away to wait in front of the check in counters.

So you line up again.

Finally you make it to the check in desk, collecting your cleared bag along the way.

(As an aside, it seriously only takes me 3 minutes to check my bag and collect my ticket, even if I have a seat change query. What are people doing at the counter for 15 minutes!! Seriously!!)

All this pointless queuing completed, you battle you way through exit taxes, immigration and an additional bag screening (to pick up the contaband items you acquired while waiting in the many airline queues).

It is at this point that Manila Airport comes into its own with the Manila Club.

For the princely sum of 650 pesos (15 AUD) you get access to a quiet lounge area with unlimited food and drink – beer and wine included – away from the 60’s faux-wood laminated hell of the rest of the airport. Bliss.

Why don’t more airports do this?

They also offer massage services – perfect for wasting time – and they let you know when your flight is boarding so you don’t have to spend too much time in the dingy waiting area.

So, over to you…what do and don’t you like about airports?