Cry baby

Do movies make you cry?

They make me cry…they make me cry like a baby! There is something so cathartic about watching a movie and crying…especially when you are by yourself and feeling sorry for yourself for being sick anyway!

I watched two movies today and I sobbed in both of them.

The first was Looking For Alibrandi. I love this movie, I love it for what it represents and what it makes me remember. I really enjoyed high school and can relate to so much of the angst and indecision portrayed in the movie.

But when John dies…I’m off…someone bring me a tissue.The second movie I watched today was The Time Travellers Wife.

I really enjoyed the book, and cried in that too.

I started crying from when he first meets his daughter. So basically I sobbed for the last 30 minutes of the movie.

Clearly it doesn’t have to be a particularly good movie for me to cry…I’m pretty easily moved to tears.

But what about you? What movies have you cried in lately? I’d like to add to my list and have some for future reference!


One thought on “Cry baby

  1. Lordy, movies always make me cry. In fact, I have had the DVD of “The Notebook” for about 3 years. I still haven’t watched it as I know it is a tear jerker.
    I am guessing it will make me cry so much I will end up with Hay Fever and the next day look like i’ve been hit by a freight train and need to stay inside and hide!
    That’s how much of a sook I am

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