Haunting skills

Reece: So how many times a year do I have to visit your grave?
Tara: On all the special occasions…birthday, anniversary, Christmas and then just at other times when you miss me.
Reece: That’s ridiculous, it’s not even you there. I’ll miss you and remember you every day, isn’t that better than going to your grave?
Tara: No, you have to visit my grave and take flowers. You visit my grave or I’ll haunt you. I’m serious.
Reece: You’re being ridiculous.
Tara: And I don’t mind if you remarry, but you have to wait a decent amount of time. Don’t be one of those wood-duck blokes who can’t survive without a woman so get remarried quickly.

Tara: I’ve been thinking about it. You can either visit my grave or you can put me in a decorative urn and keep me on your bedside table. Those are your options.
Reece: Won’t that be weird if I’m remarried?
Tara: Not my problem. If you move my urn I’ll come back and haunt you.
Reece: I think you are overestimating your haunting skills.