An update, and a genuinely baffling commercial

Who’s been a bad little blogger? Well that would be me. One post a week is terrible – especially when it is just  blog fodder as was pointed out last week 😉 !

I could say I am going to do better, but it’s an outright lie. My mum is here at the moment (and mightily impressed by the cushions I must say) and we’ve been doing lots of lovely mother-daughter bonding things, like pedicures, shopping, massages, markets and lying on idyllic beaches trying to get as tanned as possible!

If only life was really like this all the time...

Currently I am a member of ANZA, an association of Aussie and Kiwi expats, and have managed to wrangle my way onto the committee in the form of Communications Co-ordinator, basically responsible for the website and weekly update. The AGM is in May, the 20th, and I have no idea how this committee thing works…if someone else wants my job how is it decided? Do we duel in HTML to prove who’s website worth is superior? All I can say is that if I lose my position I’ll be genuinely crushed, being on a committee rocks! (Come back to me in 6 months and see if I am still singing that tune.)

Of course with the AGM approaching, anyone is welcome to throw their hats into the ring and nominate themselves, but total ANZA domination is out of the question for me as the current President is the wife of Reece’s boss, and I hear that ousting the boss’ wife could be considered a career limiting move in some circles.

I’m also doing some writing for the ANZA Magazine, when I get my arse into gear I’ll scan my stories and post them here.

I realise that I haven’t told any stories about the Philippines of late, and the skin whitening market over here truly baffles me.

Its ironic that I spent the last 4 days lying in the direct sun praying for a tan, when so many girls over here are obsessed with taking their skin in the opposite direction. We always want what we can’t have I guess!

One of the more hilarious treatments includes placental protein…mmm placenta on my face…but the commercial that really takes the cake basically insinuates that if you spend 7 days whitening your skin with Ponds, then you will be proposed to! Because only women with white skin deserve a wedding!!!

So for now, I leave you with this gem of a commercial from Ponds. It’s currently being shown all the time on Filipino TV, though I know it has done the rounds in Asia and India.