I love walking to the train station in the mornings. This morning I actually had a couple of minutes up my sleeve so thought I would take the opportunity to capture the gorgeous Autumn colours. I missed Autumn last year in the Phils. I love all the leaves lying around and how the mornings are nice and crisp. In the bottom photo the carpet of leaves stretches the whole length of the sidewalk…so cool! If I wasn’t mortally afraid of the spiders webs that string along the path I would totally run along there, kicking the leaves.

Happy Friday!


Bookcase project

I’ve been lusting after colour coordinated bookcases all week. So last night in a fit of organisation/madness I decided that I simply had to begin rearranging all of our books. Luckily Reece is used to having a mad wife, so contentedly sat and watched football while I covered every available surface with piles of books. After the week I have had I think he was just happy that I wasn’t crying or yelling or doing both at the same time!

I was so taken with the project that I only stopped to take a “before” picture when it was already underway. So here it is below…


I’ll post the results soon!