Notes from the week…

1. Good news…the airconditioning has been fixed in our living room. Bad news…the dial is broken so we can only have it on one temperature and I am now freezing my tits off sitting directly under the vent. Be careful what you wish for.

2. After avoiding lunches, afternoon teas and my own refrigerator for the last week, week 3 of my new regime resulted in a measly 300g loss. W. T. F. If this shit keeps up I’m just going to eat whatever I feel like and just buy a whole lotta mumus.

3. The mag came back from the printers on Monday. I’m very proud of the cover…it looks just so pretty! (Even in spite of my somewhat lacking still-life photography skills!) October Front Page

4. When a family member is sick it is just so horrible to be so far away from home. We are very much hoping that Reece’s nan pulls through. It is even worse when all the information you get is second hand…it’s very much like Chinese whispers some times. But on a nice note, the staff I have spoken to at RNS have been amazing and very helpful and understanding of our difficult situation.

5. We’re on the home stretch now…the first week of December for a return to Australia looks pretty certain. It’s exciting, but very bittersweet. Life is steamrolling ahead over here and it can be hard to sit down and listen to plans for the new year that we will have no part of. Its also been an interesting learning curve about the kind of friendships you make in these expat circles. While some friendships will last the distance (maybe) others are definitely just transient and it can be very easy to feel replaced. I wonder sometimes if that is a self-defence mechanism put in place over here…move on to the next friend and don’t dwell on the one leaving, lest you remind them that they are not going home.

6. Furniture is awesome. And when you are faced with a couple of years more renting, furniture starts to look like the most attractive way of making your space feel like your own. And I am in LOVE with this store…

Not sure if there is anyone still out there, but if there is…anything on your mind?? Anything you care to share?


One thought on “Notes from the week…

  1. i have an abode now. and despite some furniture being in transit and with the rest being made, it still feels like home. and all you have to do is surround yourself with a few familiar objects and you will be alright. i listened to kylie and olivia newton john this afternoon when i made my first home cooked meal, cooked by myself and no one else since i left sydney three weeks ago.

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