Equal opportunity employment?

I’m going to miss Manila. I truly will. If I could just transplant my family and friends over here, along with a Coles and some yummy farmers markets and a Witchery I would be as happy as a clam.

I’m also going to miss those Manila moments…the things that make me do a double-take and say WTF all at the same time. In recognition of those moments I give you a hilarious sign posted in a window of the Mercury Drug pharmacy chain. I couldn’t help but try to take a picture with my phone. I did have to lie to the security guard with the big gun about why I was photographing it…I told him I had a friend who qualified and I thought they would be interested. Somehow I don’t think…”But I want to post it on my blog as an example of a crazy Filipino moment” would have cut it!

Just in case you can’t read it properly, it is a job advertisement that happily specifies whether an applicant should be married or single. In particular it specifies that a female applicant should be single, between a specific set of ages (20-25 in this case) and of a certain height. Sorry married ladies, ladies over 25 and under 5 feet…you aren’t welcome here!

Absolute classic! It is these moments that I am really going to miss…there just isn’t enough overt discrimination in Australia for my tastes!


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