Hello there…

Well, its been a while! Life is super crazy at the moment…been back in Manila for nearly two weeks and am still finding my feet again! Its been especially hard this time as I’ve had both the next issue of the ANZA Mag hanging over my head and my mother-in-law staying with us. Which is both a blessing and a curse all at the same time…I’m sure anyone who has had an extended house guest can sympathise!

In exciting news, we have all but pretty much decided to come home in December! Which is brilliant news! (As long as Reece’s work doesn’t offer him too many tempting reasons to stay that is!)

So not too many more of my pithy updates from the crazy Philippines left! And then I’m sure this blog will be back to ranting about life in Sydney.

Or perhaps ranting about life in general…especially as I adjust to life without a cleaner, or cheap movies, or reeeeeally cheap manicures, pedicures and massages.

And then there’s that whole job thing to contend with once again! Hmmm…

I’ll be back soon. With many more no-doubt riveting things to say.



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