I was supposed to fire a GUN today

It’s raining here today. Not the usual 60 minute crazy downpour of the tropical country rainy season…but a dreary all day kind of thing.

It is torrential for about 40 minutes…crazy monsoonal torrential rain…and then the weather plays one of its funny funny tricks on me and looks like it is letting up, only to go back to thunder, lightening and torrential rain.

Now before you roll your eyes too much and call me a spoiled expat princess the rain is a real pain in the arse.

It’s impossible to get a bad in the rain…and seeing as we don’t have a car cabs are our only means of transport.

The roads flood easily…turning shitty Manila traffic into homicidal-urge-inducing Manila traffic. So you have to give the roads a couple of hours to return to their regular state before risking going outside.

The above factors are conspiring to keep me trapped at home…on a day when I was supposed to walk into a Gun Club (a Gun Club loacted in a shopping centre mind you) with no idea or no prior experience and fire a gun. Needless to say I’m irritated that my plans have gone astray. I wanted to get my violence on people…my misguided violence mind you. No doubt I will suck, or even worse I might even chicken out.

But I’m irritated that the bloody weather has taken away my choice.

I will fire a gun…this week hopefully. And if I do, I promise to keep you updated on how the whole thing goes.


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