Typhoon Basyang

Last night the first Typhoon of the season touched down here in the Philippines. Manila was at Storm Signal 1 yesterday, but it was raised to Signal 2 yesterday evening at 11pm. Because of Reece’s schedule we keep pretty early hours , so we were in bed by 9pm, missing the raising of the threat level and pretty much all of the storm.

Storms over here are not like those back home. Rarely do I hear a clap of thunder loud enough to wake me or rattle the windows, though there is plenty of lightening to be seen over the city most nights.

It also helps that we have double glazed windows and apparently also walls of solid rock. And where we are, in Rockwell, we are pretty lucky. Even during Ondoy last year, the typhoon that caused so much drama, Rockwell was bascially unscathed. I took a couple of pics of damage this morning…Reece commented that it was worse than the damage he remembers after Ondoy.

Broken chairs and pot plants down by our pool

More superficial damage to chairs and plants

The problem is that not everywhere has such excellent drainage and a team of clean up crews. Reece woke up to 10 missed calls and messages this morning reporting that his site down south at Santa Rosa is flooded and traffic can’t get through. So he’s headed north to Cainta, which was devastated by Ondoy last year. People can’t get to work or else it’ll take them hours to get through.

Its amazing when I think of all the storms we have to deal with back home, hail, wind damage and torrential rain, and how the SES jumps into action. But infrastructure like that doesn’t exist over here, which means that clean up efforts can be slow and badly organised.

It can sometimes take days for floodwaters to recede and then the issue is that without proper drainage sickness starts to be a problem. Now I’m not saying that this will be the case this time, and there is no way that Basyang is even a patch on Ondoy, but its a reminder of how life goes here in the Philippines.


One thought on “Typhoon Basyang

  1. and i always remind myself how lucky we are in australia for all the resources we have in an emergency. stay safe and well.

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