A common complaint

I’ve written before about trouble I have had with taxi drivers…and I know it is a common complaint the world over. A dodgy or otherwise unsavoury taxi driver is really not something new.

But stay with me beause the taxi driver who brought us home from dinner over the weekend surely has to take the cake.

Everyone knows that taxi drivers can be very bad…not knowing directions, not listening when you tell them where you want to go, bad or aggressive driving and a propensity for bad radio choices. (In Australia cabbies seem to love listening to talk back, here in the Philippines they seem to like listening to the terrible love song station.)

But the one thing you can usually count on is your cab driver to be awake! Which is why our cab driver on the weekend totally and utterly failed. At each set of traffic lights we stopped at, he closed his eyes and drifted off, and wouldn’t wake up until the cars behind him started beeping…often 20 seconds or more after the traffic lights changed to green.

He was then either embarrassed or simply making up for lost time that he would weave and dart through the traffic at breakneck speed until we reached the next traffic light and the process would start over again. This would be ok if he had the driving skills of Michael Schumacher, but alas this was not the case. He had the driving skills of a first-time learner behind the wheel of a manual car. Crunching the gears, swerving uncontrollably, creeping forward when he didn’t mean to and even stalling the car.

After the first few times, and when my suspicions were confirmed by peering into the rearview mirror, Reece took to saying loudly “GREEN LIGHT” each time the lights would change.

But of course the funniest thing about this cabbie was that if other cars had blocked an intersection and prevented him from turning, he would complain about their bad driving! I guess some people have no self-awareness!

We still tipped him though…sleeping is infinitely prefarable to the sob stories you often get from taxi drivers here in the Philippines as they (not so subtly) try to fleece you for a big tip.


2 thoughts on “A common complaint

  1. There are stories every time you get in a cab over here! The worst being the one where the cabby offers Virgins at the right price! Terrible!

  2. Tara! That happened to me on the way to Bondi from Collaroy once. Except it wasn’t just at traffic lights, it during the whole trip!
    I rang the cab company as soon as I got out and complained. In hindsight, I probably should have got out when it started, but I think I was a little curious to see what would happen if I didn’t… I’m sure there’s a word for that!
    Hope you are well. xxx

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