Wanna preview?

I’ve been working like crazy on the magazine for ANZA. In fact it has sapped all my creative energy and is the reason why I have been a very slack and uninspired blogger lately!

Do you want a sneak peek? If you do then just click on the link below…

Just remember to be nice 🙂

anza news sneak peek

(It may take a minute to load…be patient and give it time!)


2 thoughts on “Wanna preview?

  1. WOW!! That amphitheatre is amazing!!
    And how young does your dad look?

    Great writing! Is this part of your job?

    • I know…it’s unbelievable right! And yeah, my dad looks young, it’s crazy right! Must be all the exercise he does!

      Yeah. It’s unpaid work but I’m responsible for putting together the magazine for the expat association I belong to. I’m super proud of what I’ve been doing, so felt the need to share 🙂

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