Of household chores

I’ve turned into someone who kinda puts away their clothes (mostly) instead of tossing them onto the chair or the floor. I’m not talking about dirty clothes mind you…those ones go directly into the washing basket. I’m talking about the ones that are clean, the ones that you can get a second wear out of, or the ones that you try on and discard in a mad panic when attempting to find something to suitable to wear.

I think it is because I’m afraid of what my helper will think of me.Suddenly I’m one of those people…we’ve all heard of them…the ones who clean before their cleaner arrives. The ones who make sure their house looks presentable for tradespeople who are going to demolish things and poke around in their pipes.

However this newfound need for tidiness does not extend to the kitchen. Sadly, and a little embarrassingly, I tend to pile up dishes from Monday and Tuesday (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on the bench for Helen to clean on Wednesday. They are rinsed mind you…for goodness sake we don’t live in squalor.

So of course when I go through a slight mad stage and decide that suddenly habits that work very well for Reece and I are no longer acceptable, Reece gets somewhat bewildered. Especially when I start lecturing him on how to do the dishes. Or which dishes to do. And that we no longer rinse dishes.

I cannot imagine why he cannot read my mind.

Of course secretly he knows it is just a phase and in a week or two I will go back to my lazy ways and no longer be the rinsing vs. cleaning dishes nazi.

The wardrobe thing though I am rather proud of. Its been a couple of weeks now and I still appear to be doing it. Perhaps I really have mended my ways?

How about you? And household habits you have successfully changed? Any that you don’t think you ever will? Any that are slightly dodgy…like leaving dishes for two days?


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