A Day in the Life

Before anyone gets up in arms and thinks that I have gone completely batshit crazy and self obsessed here in Manila, this post was a request from the gorgeous Ally (find her at http://actinglikeamama.wordpress.com/) who was wondering what it is that I do all day…in the loveliest possible way of course!

So here is what I got up to yesterday, Thursday 17 June.

Wake up as Reece leaves for work. We exist on Australian time so Reece needs to be in the office by 7am. If I sleep in until 7 or 8am then we are out of sync and I’m wide awake when Reece wants to go to bed at 9pm.

A 6.30am shuttle pick up is the latest we can hope for…some days he is out of here by 5am. I should be a good wife and get up when he has those early days, but I’m not. 6am is really my cut off when it comes to wake up times.

6am – 7am
Check emails, read news online, read facebook and write a plan for everything I need to get done before people arrive. I also spend some time reading through a couple of articles sent through for ANZA News in the last few days.

7am – 9am
My stellar helper Helen arrives at 7.30am to help me set up for the ANZA morning tea. It’s school holidays  for the international schools over here so we are expecting between 10 and 15 people to show up. These informal coffee mornings are held monthly by volunteer members.

Helen whizzes through the house like an absolute storm…setting out cups and saucers, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping the floor and cleaning the kitchen.

At 8am I have the airconditioning at 15 degrees and the highest fan setting and it is still warm inside.

9am – 12pm
I end up hosting about 30 people at one of the busiest coffee mornings we’ve had for a while. The lemon slice and chewy choc chip cookies are an absolute hit. Helen saves my sanity by refilling food and water jugs and keeping the coffee flowing. I’m supposed to be taking photos for the ANZA magazine but I’m too busy being a hostess and stressing about the airconditioning.

12pm – 3.30pm
I head out to the Manila Food and Beverage Expo in crazy Manila traffic with a couple of girlfriends. We outrage Krissy’s driver by talking about sex scenes in True Blood and swearing about our husbands. He is ultra conservative and we nearly give Krissy a heart attack. We haven’t even been drinking…though the vodka stand at the expo soon takes care of that problem.

Coming home we realise the temperature outside is 40 degrees! No rain on the horizon yet today.

Home. Helen cleaned up and even did the things I asked her not to. There is not a week when I don’t realise how lucky I am. I would have been a quivering mess if I had to clean up after having 30 people at my house. Bonnie mentioned while we were out that I was lucky because otherwise I would have had to miss the Food Expo to clean up before Reece gets home. I collapse into a fit of giggles at the suggestion that I would miss out just to make sure the house is clean for Reece. More likely I would leave everything for a couple of days and ask Reece to help me on the weekend!

Get dinner on. We’re having beef stew tonight. I’m really excited and consider turning the aircon down again to make it feel cold enough to justify cooking a hearty stew. Reece comes home and heads in for a nap (in his cave). I think he is thankful I’m not shouting at him about bugs in the rice like I was last night!

Spend some time blogging about viagra gelato and editing some stores for the magazine while watching the nightly ABC regional news. I’m editing a story about Operation Restore Hope – a medical mission that was recently undertaken here in the Philippines to fix cleft lips and palates of poor kids in the slums. Pretty cool stuff! I’m focusing on the editing stuff at the moment, a little daunted by having to put into practice everything I learnt in my recent InDesign course.

Realise I’ve been too engrossed in my computer and the stupid stew has caught on the bottom of the pot.

Dinner is served! Reece and I settle in for an evening of watching The West Wing as we realise our dodgy copy of The Office (US) is in fact…dodgy.


If anyone reads this I’ll try to do another one in a few weeks. Yesterday was a particularly busy day, which makes me look much more busy and interesting than I really am. There are days when I bum around the house all day pottering about and some days I actually do exercise…crazy!

Does anyone want to share their days? I’d love to know…I’m such a stickybeak when it comes to other people’s lives so feel free to share!


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. 0815 see client story on blackberry that stops my heart at the bus stop

    0816 email colleague to ask for a recap

    0845 in the office smearing peanut butter on untoasted bread; need to debrief before angry calls occur

    0915 have discussion and realise there is an expectations issue at hand

    0940 send story and head out for meeting hoping office isn’t bombed because of that bad story

    1105 back in the office for further discussions about positioning

    1130 get expected call wanting a further discussion

    1230 waiting for conference call but other parties are delayed; eat my sandwich and feel somewhat faint. don’t know if its hunger or dread of what lies ahead

    1300 call happens and have the need to resolve concerns

    1430 try to work on other activities but very distracted

    1600 get call from da client for a discussion and a very candid discussion

    1700 fire off draft response; thinking its time for a glass of wine

    1755 get another call and do another debrief

    1805 leave office feeling bruised

    1840 home with wine and takeaway; stelvin gets cracked before anything else is done, including putting bag down

    1930 watch masterchef and chat with jem about him selling his apartment

    2030 masterchef finishes and i think about toast soldiers at the common; must have some this weekend

    2038 read tara’s blog and feel the deep need to share

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