Medication and gelato…match made in heaven?

I was at the Manila Food and Beverage Expo with a couple of friends today and while we were wandering around the crowded aisles we came across this absolute gem…

No your eyes do not deceive you...this is VIAGRA gelato!

That’s right…bright blue coloured, viagra flavoured gelato. Not entirely sure what viagra tastes like…never having suffered from erectile dysfunction and therefore having a reason to actually use viagra.

I’m sorry to say I did not waste my $2.50 on this little gem. I went for the much more stable green apple flavour.

Trust me…when you are as desperate for gelato as I am, there is no way you would waste your time on a gimmicky flavour.

Funnily enough, the guy serving us said that is has een the most popular flavour of the day…with the ladies!

What’s the strangest icecream flavour you have ever seen? Any other medications you think might make excellent gelato flavours…I could probably be compelled to try Xanax gelato and if Yasmin came in a fruity sorbet I don’t think I would ever forget to take it again!


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