Ummm WTF?

So I logged on yesterday and as always checked my blog stats. WordPress lists daily stats, top posts, most active posts and top searches. Top searches lists the top search engine terms that lead people to my blog.

This is what search term lead someone to my blog this week:

So I did what anyone would do, I totally panicked.

Firstly I searched through all my previous posts for what Google might have considered appropriate content. The only slightly shifty post  I can find is the one where I wrote about Spencer Tunick and called it Getting Nude.

The next thing I worried about was how quickly someone would stumble onto my blog after they used the search terms “my wife whats to fuck my boss”. So off to Google I went.

The first thing Google did was try to correct my spelling.

No Google, I didn’t. My mystery searcher apparently can’t spell.

14 pages later I knew all about the world of wife-fucking-boss fantasies, and various whore-wife and slut-wife websites, but I was no closer to finding out how someone landed onto my blog through that particular search term.

I guess I’m going to have to admit defeat and chalk this up to a wierd blog experience.

Of course, here’s hoping this post doesn’t increase my blogs rating under the search term “my wife whats to fuck my wife”.


9 thoughts on “Ummm WTF?

  1. Ha Ha that is so funny, now you have a post called “my wife whats to fuck my wife” you are going to get 1000 of hits. There are probably hundreds of weirdos out there searching for stories on that topic.

  2. HI–LARIOUS !! I get some kooky shit too – but it’s usually related to Stanley Tucci, Mark Bouris, Guy from Underbelly or Vagina’s !!

    Your one is off the wall !!


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