I ain't afraid of no ghosts

I am however terrified of the dark.

And serial killers.

And regular single-homicide type killers.

And stalkers.

And open windows.

And open stretches of windows that aren’t covered by blinds. Especially when it’s dark outside.

And sharks.

And waves.

And swimming in pools by myself. Especially putting my head under if I’m alone. Especially in the dark. Especially if I have seen a shark-related movie in the recent past.

I’m afraid of extras in movies and TV shows who play killers or baddies, especially when they pull their scary and slightly-unhinged faces. Those faces stay with me, burned into my memory, and then manifest themselves in my nightmares.

I have a lot of nightmares. Probably once a week on average. Sometimes I wake up from a nightmare and spend the rest of the night scared to fall back asleep. If I have a nightmare and I’m home by myself I’ll definitely have to turn the light on. Depending on the content of the nightmare I may also have to call someone to hear a friendly voice.

The second my feet get hot I get nightmares. When I was a kid and I got a fever I used to get screaming nightmares about people going into ovens and getting burned and coming out black. I would wake up screaming “They’re going into the oven and coming out black!”

Poor Reece cops it. My only consolation is that I think he knew I was a nutter when he got involved with me. He certainly knew before he married me, so more fool him really.

I have one particular phobia that impacts Reece more than others. I saw an episode of Criminal Minds once, and the baddie hid in a closet until the couple had gone to bed and once they were asleep crept out and killed them. This was probably about 2-3 years ago and since then when I have felt uneasy or had a nightmare and definitely when I am home by myself, I have to check every available hiding space in the entire house.

When we were on our honeymoon I had nightmare. It must have been about 3.30am when I woke up in blind terror. We were sleeping with one light on dimly so that Reece could see his way to the bathroom in an unfamiliar place in the middle of the night. After waking Reece for a cuddle and calming myself down I shuffled off to the bathroom (which had windows with no blinds – see above). I got about 4 steps from the bed when the power went out. Screaming like a banshee I leapt back to bed in a single bound, quite an athletic feat for 3.30am I think.

The power flickered on and off a couple more times, probably a rolling brownout not designed to be experienced by any resort guests in the middle of the night!

There was no way I could risk getting caught in the bathroom, no blinds and all, when the lights went out. My delicate nervous system would never have coped. So poor Reece was dragged from bed to stand guard outside the bathroom with a torch, just in case.

Then after 15 minutes of almost falling asleep I decided that I simply had to scan the entire place to make sure the doors and windows were all secured and no one was hiding to kill us when we fell back asleep. So up we got again and checked every cupboard, under the bed, behind the curtains…the full monty!

It happened again last night. It’s certainly not getting better! I thought that nightmares were supposed to subside once you left your childhood behind…is my brain trying to tell me something??

What about you? Any phobias or fears? What about nightmares…does anyone else get bad nightmares?


10 thoughts on “I ain't afraid of no ghosts

  1. Hi Tara, I followed you over here from The Real Sydney. (Now that sounds like a stalker!!!)
    Just a thought, but why do you watch criminal minds if it is only going to give you more ammunition for your fears??? Personally I love all that stuff, I have even done a forensic medicine course and have started studying forensic psychology. Sometimes knowing the statistics can help with your fears

    • I don’t know why. I guess there are two reasons. I really like those shows, Criminal Minds is so clever and well put together and I genuinely enjoy watching it. The second reason, is that if I stopped watching or consuming everything that could possibly give me nightmares then I would have to live in a bubble!

      So I suppose I take it as a calculated risk! I think it would be interesting to study forensics and criminology…not sure the statistics would help though, it’s too easy to convince yourself that you could be one of the statistics when you are scared at night!

      Thanks for following me over and for commenting 🙂

  2. I refuse to watch any kind of scary movie or crime themed tv show. So I’m not so much afraid of crazed killers, just ghosts. And I blame the quarantine station for that particular fear.

  3. ooh and I forgot sharks. And getting dragged out to sea by a current. Hence the fact that I only go in the water when there are no waves.

  4. I get like this once in a while when something has spooked me. The trick with your wardrobe is to have so much crap in there, no one could ever hide themselves inside!! 😉

  5. I am terrified of Aliens – I even struggle watching movies like Independance Day etc – they just give me the heebie-geebies.

    My nightmares also occur when I overheat. Especially when I wear socks to bed (winter in canberra?). The other time I get nightmares is when I eat lamb for dinner. strange? but true!

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