Three little pumpkins all in a row

So I got me some butternut pumpkins. Murderously expensive pumpkins in actual fact…but more on that later.

Aren’t they cute?

WTF? Why is she blogging about this I hear you cry.

Well let me enlighten you.

In this neck of the woods (the Manila woods) butternut pumpkin is rare…like really rare…like rare like hens teeth rare. And I truly love pumpkin. I love it not only for me and how much I love the taste, but also because it is one of only a handful of vegetables I can feed my fussy vegetable-hating husband.

And the pumpkin here is monotonous…always the same boring jap. Now don’t get me wrong, the jap pumpkin is a fine vegetable, but it is boring. And doesn’t have tham same nutty sweetness of the butternut variety.

Plus, variety is the spice of life, and there is precious little variety to be found here in the comforting vegetables of home. There is only one kind of potato, only one (maybe two) kinds of onions, certainly only one carrot (the large and misshapen kind). I like choice! So when choice is offered to me, I go mental. Mental to the tune of 15 Aussie dollars for three small pumpkins.

So I need you to tell me…what can I do with my murderously expensive pumpkins?

What would you do with three beautiful butternut pumpkins? What is your favourite pumpkin recipe?

Help me O internet friends.

And for those non-pumpkin lovers out there…what vegetables do you like choice in? And what would you miss if you lived away from home?


14 thoughts on “Three little pumpkins all in a row

  1. I am a non-pumpkin lover! I quite like it in certain recipes… pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie or a little bit on a pizza. But if I had to choose the vegetable I like least when eaten unadorned on its own… I’d probably choose pumpkin!

    I love green vegies the best – brocolli, green beans, spinach, lettuces… yum

    As for ideas, I think you should challenge yourself to cook something sweet and something savoury πŸ™‚

    • Green is good…but fairly available over here. Except for zucchini, I can never find zucchini!

      Hmmm…sweet and savoury you say? I’m afraid of wasting a $5 pumpkin on a sweet dish that I end up hating!!!

      Though if anyone has a good sweet pumpkin recipe I will consier it…

  2. yes because not eating pork, any seafood, generally any meat that contains a bit of fat, anything orange flavoured, any green lollies and the like doesn’t make you fussy! πŸ™‚

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t know any pumpkin recipes because my fussy husband refuses to eat it! Along with sweet potato and eggplant : (

  4. Cute Pumpkins Luv !!

    Pumpkin is my favourite vegetable … the only thing I could do with it would be put it in a risotto, or steam it !!

  5. Tara, my favourite pumpkin dish is pumpkin cake! So delicious and moist. I’m quite partial to roast pumpkin too. Queensland Blue is my favourite variety, in Holland I seem to only be able to find the orange jack-o-lantern style pumpkins which aren’t so tasty, and Dutch people don’t seem to eat pumpkin except as a soup. Before I made it for her, my MIL had never even tried cooked pumpkin on its own…

    BTW, just found your blog on mamamia, looking forward to trawling through!

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