And then the fish started feasting on my toes…

I wrote this post before I left on honeymoon…it was when I thought I would be organised enough to write and schedule a few posts to appear while I was away. It was a good plan…but totally derailed when I discovered that I could download Masterchef on iTunes  and Bonnie and I spent an entire day catching up on previous episodes.

I’m back to reality tomorrow…sigh…with lots of travelling tales to share and a renewed sense of blogging vigour. Until then, here’s something I prepared earlier…

So it’s not really as odd as it sounds.

Ok, it sounds really bad, but they were small fish (well smallish) and they absolutely love dead skin, it’s like chocolate or liquor to them.

If this is all sounding like a really bad horror movie, don’t worry, I’m going to start making more sense any minute now.

The fish feasting happens at the Fish Spa in Manila’s Ocean World. Bsically, what happens is you pay your P120 (about $4),  get a small towel, take your shoes off and stick your bare feet into a shallow pool filled with hundreds of fish.

Doctor Fish nibbling the dead skin off my toes

There are two pools, one with small Doctor Fish and one with large Doctor Fish.

Wait, wait, wait. Yes I did indeed just say Doctor Fish, for that is what they are called. They are fish that feed on dead skin and have been used as a natural remedy for wounds and skin conditions for years. Basically they nibble at the dead skin on your feet and leave the good, healthy skin behind. Like having your feet and calves exfoliated, only wierder.

As luck would have it, the day we visited the Fish Spa, the pool with small Doctor Fish was being used to film a segment of some local beauty pageant, so we had no option but to try the pool with the large fish. I won’t lie, I was fucking terrified, but I was with my mum who is the most squeamish person about feet I have ever met so I felt this responsibility to act nonchalant.

So you stick your feet in amongst the hundreds of fish, and if you are smart like me plant them firmly on the bottom of the pool so they can’t get to the ticklish soles of your feet. They immediately swarmed round mum’s feet, which was hilarious as she couldn’t really stop laughing and crying and freaking out.

The first minute or two was hellish, trying desperately to ignore the ticklish sensation while simultaneously being worried about making any quick movements and killing the fish.

After the first five minutes I started to feel rather zen, it was actually enjoyable! In my zen like state I started to feel more brave and picked up my feet (which up until then had been firmly planted on the bottom of the pool) to give them access to the soles of my feet. Which of course sent me into another wave of giggles and spasms.

Mum and I after we stopped laughing uncontrollably...well after I stopped laughing uncontrollably!

All up it was the strangest “spa” experience I have ever had…but my feet had never looked so clean and never felt so smooth. They even nibbled off the dead skin around some scratches on my ankles! They were nothing if not thorough!

What are some of your wierdest spa experiences? Could you have Doctor Fish nibble at your feet? What are you squeamish about?


2 thoughts on “And then the fish started feasting on my toes…

  1. ahh just the thought makes me feel all squirmy!

    In your photo it looks suspiciously like you’ve trodden on your doctor fish Tara….

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