If only life was really like a honeymoon…

…You would have every excuse to eat ice-cream and sorbet at 2.30 in the afternoon, every afternoon, just cos you wanted to. (And you would know that the calories don’t count cos you are on honeymoon).

You feel loved up and very lucky…and more so than usual cos everyone expects you to be loved up and feeling lucky. It would be a shame to disappoint them by being hateful and bitter.

You would spend every night gorging on divine food…see above for calorie rule.

You get to book outrageous experiences – diving expeditions, speed boat rides to Phi Phi and private cooking lessons – all in the name of the “once in a lifetime experience”.

And you get to stay in kick-ass accommodation. (Even if it is only for a few days).

Private pool and sun lounges

Reece in our day sala

Our sleeping pavilion

Me in our infinity pool...why yes I am swimming topless!


We’re having a bumming around few days in our gorgeous accommodation, before tackling lots of fun experiences for the rest of our time here.

I probably won’t pop back in until we’re safely back in Manila. But I do have lots of stories…including how I did a bit of a “Monica” from friends and tried to use our honeymoon status to score us all sorts of upgrades.

Love to all xx


5 thoughts on “If only life was really like a honeymoon…

  1. OMG that looks amazing ! and that photo of you is stunning … like Giaan Rooney in the Palmers ads .. HOT.


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