The transformative power of cushions

Oh dear…I’ve been rather neglectful haven’t I. I have no excuse, just that life has been busy and I haven’t really had anything interesting to say.

My mum arrives tomorrow and I’m super excited about it. I can’t wait to show her around the city and do lots of girly things like manicures, pedicures, massages and lots of shopping!

As you do with any impending visitors, I’ve been making the house look much better than it usually looks…hoping to trick my mother into believing that I’ve suddenly acquired the ability to be tidy.

Poor Reece has been copping it too…we’ve had all sorts of odd conversations in the last week…particularly about the transformative power of cushions.

Reece: “What do you have planned this week?”

Me: “Well I have lots of really important things to get done this week before mum arrives, it’s going to be a really busy week.”

Reece: “So what are you planning?”

Me: “Well I have some appointments and meetings, I have to get some new hand towels, I have to go through the various piles of paper we have lying around the house, tidy the spare room so it’s fit for someone to sleep in…and of course, most importantly I have to buy some new cushions.”

Reece: “Why do you need new cushions, don’t we already have cushions?”

It was at this point that I misinterpreted the tone he was using when asking me about cushions, and potentially overreacted a little bit…

Me: “Well yes, we do have nice cushions in the living room, but I’d like to make the guest room feel a little more homely and the bed looks a little bare so I think we should buy some cushions to throw on the bed. Is there something wrong with that? Hmm…is there?”

Reece: (Chuckling) “Not at all. I just don’t think any man would ever think that cushions could ever be that important. But clearly they are, so go ahead.”

And so began the search for cushions.

I’m absolutely certain that Reece loved it when I updated him every evening on my progress hunting for cushions. And he looked particularly pleased when I woke him up from an afternoon nap to show him the cushions that I finally deemed suitable…though it could have been a look of relief that the daily cushion drama was finally over.

So here’s the spare room makeover…

Before's like Changing Rooms!

Clearly the transformative power of cushions is self-evident. Don’t you think?


4 thoughts on “The transformative power of cushions

  1. Very nice! I too am a believer in cushions. I ended u p traipsing through westfield all afternoon to find 5 green cushions (from 3 different shops no less) after I suddenly decided that red cushions in the lounge room were no longer acceptable.

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