Travel Thursdays: zorbing

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a sense of adventure. She didn’t cry when climbing down cliffs, but rather embraced life and new experiences.

This girl convinced her boyfriend that it would be brilliant fun to strap themselves into a giant plastic ball and throw themselves down a steep hill. The boyfriend was a little sceptical, but the girl was determined.While visiting Rotarua in New Zealand, we took time out from the smelly countryside and sulphur pools to check out Zorbing. I thought it sounded like brilliant fun…Reece was a little more sceptical.

That could be me…or Reece inside.

So the way it works is that you climb in through a little gap and are strapped inside around your waist and your arms and legs. Then they seal the entrance and unceremoniously push you down the big hill.

There is a moment when all you can see is grass and then sky…and then grass…and then sky…but it is going pretty fast so really it is more like…grass, sky, grass, sky, grass, sky, grass, sky.

The bumps are pretty fun, especially when you hit them upside down and are flying in the air with your feet above your head!

Remeber when you used to roll down a hill when you were a kid…it’s like that, only better!!!


4 thoughts on “Travel Thursdays: zorbing

  1. Tara!!! This made my day… I had a really good chuckle to myself with the image of you in a massive ball going down a hill. Brilliant. :)xx

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