Travel Thursdays: Priests in Mexico City

I’ve got lots of spare time at the moment…being a stay-at-home wife with no kids, pets or full-time work will do that to you…so I have lots of projects on the go.

One of them is going through all my old travel photos and organising them. So I thought I’d start a new series of posts (imaginitively titled Travel Thursdays)  showing some of my favourite travel photos and explaining why I like them.

First up…the “Yo Motherfucker Priests”.

In 2005 I travelled around Central America for 6 months. My friend Erin was the one who stumbled onto this absolute gem the first time we were in Mexico City. She came back to the hostel and described to me this poster that featured hot young priests holding mobile phones and laptops and posing with gangsta faces, which she had christened the “Yo Motherfucker Priests”. We laughed and lamented that she didn’t have her camera with her, beacuse for the life of her, she couldn’t find the church again.

Upon returning to Mexico City nearly 5 months later we were wandering aimlessly and suddenly, there it was…the church!

Well, it all seemed too good to be true, surely the poster wouldn’t still be there 5 months later?

It was…and the rest is history.

Yo Motherfucker Priests

What are your favourite travel stories or photos? Feel free to share them in the comments!


One thought on “Travel Thursdays: Priests in Mexico City

  1. Oh god I have a classic … I travelled to Thailand with Miss18 last year and we went to the Tiger Temple – the monks were very taken with Miss18 and she tried really hard to communicate with them … she asked them to show her their tattoos and she took photos – I started to get a little sus when one of them had the Vin Diesel XXX tattoo on his neck.

    Aanyway – they led her to a tiger cub sitting on a wall and one of them sat next to her while she patted the tiger cub – the other one whipped out his mobile phone and started taking photos of her !! hahah

    A MONK WITH A MOBILE PHONE! I have a photo of the monk taking her photo with his phone !

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