I’m such an embarrassment.

Came home from the gym today, sweaty and exhausted. As is my habit, I walked through the apartment shedding clothing, dropping it into the laundry for washing, and desperately trying to get cool.

I wandered around, stripping down until I was just in my undies, distractedly thinking about my afternoon plans and preoccupied with getting into the shower as quickly as possible.

So it was in this state of distraction and undress that I walked into our bedroom to find myself face to face with two very surprised Filipino window cleaners.

In my defence I did remember that our building was scheduled for cleaning today, but of course they had to be cleaning my apartment window at that exact moment.

Luckily I’m out of the house all day tomorrow. I don’t think I could face them when they come back to do the windows in the living room.

Anyone have any embarrassing moments they want to share?


2 thoughts on “Ooops…

  1. Haha – that’s very funny! Geez I haven’t had a good embarrassing moment for a while … and I’m so good at laughing at myself that they don’t usually stick in my head anyway !

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