Back from the wilderness…

Picking leaves and dirt from my hair I have stumbled back into civilisation with the decree that I am most certainly NOT a hiker.

The occasional mountain stroll is fine and dandy, and I won’t even shy away from a bit of hill climbing or caving…but an entire holiday dedicated to outdoorsy pursuits…what was I thinking?

I’ll post more detailed stories about my trip soon, still editing photos and trying to find ones of me not looking hideous in hiking clothes.

Right now, I’m dealing with a wedding issue…something I thought I was done with.

The lady who designed our invitations did an amazing job, however, she was incredibly slack with communication.

I have been chasing her regarding the design for our thank you cards and she has completely gone to ground. The most irritating thing is that we already paid her for the design…stupid I know.

There’s nothing for it, she’s clearly not going to come up with the goods, so I’m currently sourcing alternatives. Which is an interesting thing to do in Manila. And is taking up a little of my time.

So in short, I’m here, just not as prolifically as I thought I would be.


One thought on “Back from the wilderness…

  1. was this the same lady you were worried about before the wedding as she wasn't getting back to you? Bugger – you would think that someone that does that as a business (ie for money) would work hard to keep their reputation in tact?

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