It's like I'm growing as a person right in front of your eyes

Sumo Sam – the restaurant where I gave the slightly bad review on the customer feedback card – has become one of our favourite restaurants.

I always order the beef teppan with a side of teriyaki sauce and a coke zero. I know, I know, my creativity astounds even myself. So our waitress (yes we have a waitress) pretty much knows what I am going to order.

Reece on the other hand is a wild card, ordering all sorts of crazy things off the menu, which inevitably never work out and leave him eyeing off my juicy beef teppan with envy. And without fail I always mock him for his choices and tell him to just order the same thing as me.

So when we went for dinner last night, I could happily descibe our waitress as cocky. Which is not a typical trait in a Filipino.

She didn’t listen because she was so busy showing off that she knew my order and she completely fucked up Reece’s order. Poor Reece, after weeks of me berating him for not ordering the delicious beef teppan he ordered it, but didn’t get to eat it, because she only brought him his entree.

The most amazing part is that I remained calm throughout the whole meal, didn’t lose my shit once and remembered where I was.

I’m growing.


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