It just wasn't meant to be

“OMG…Hamish Blake is single!!!” I exclaimed this morning.

“Yeah, I thought you already knew that,” replied Reece.

“No I didn’t,” I replied indignantly, “And clearly you kept this information to yourself to stop me from getting on a plane and flying to his side.”

*Sigh* My husband will do anything to prevent me from fulfilling my destiny of being with Hamish.

Sorry Hamish…clearly it wasn’t meant to be. We are now literally oceans apart.


5 thoughts on “It just wasn't meant to be

  1. Soooo Hamish is single.. I think he's had his fill of young, blonde, prettiness and now I think he should come on over to brunette and 40.. although I see I've got competition with TRS.. thank goodness for manban2010 🙂

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