I want candy

More specifically, I want Shuna Fish Lydon’s butterscotch whatever. Shuna writes the terribly fabulous Eggbeater blog and I am always enamoured with her writing style and immediately want to eat whatever it is she is describing.

Lately she wrote about butterscotch and how to make a Pot de Creme

“I worked for a pastry chef once who, after I asked nervously, “How do you know when they’re done, when they’re just set?” said, “You’ll come to have a pot de creme sense. You’ll know before the timer goes off. The oven will talk to you. Listen. The custards, and their corresponding ramekins, will teach you. You’ll see.

And she was right.
But not everyone has it.
You have to be a student of the egg. You have to understand coagulation. You have to understand why. You have to be a Why Asker. You have to get quiet. Really quiet. Because when eggs talk, when eggs school, they do so quietly. Eggs are great whisperers.
All that warning aside. A pot de creme is worth it. Worth every worry, worth every every ramekin of wobbly, custardy joy, worth every pot de creme you have to dump immediately in the garbage bin because you waited 
1 minute too long.
Pot de creme is not forgiving. Overcooked pot de creme? Scrambled eggs. Literally. Not smooth texture. 
Overcooked pot de creme feeds the garbage gods, who laugh in your face. But you have to stare them down, even with tears streaming into their hungry, mean mouths, and get back on the pot de creme pony.
A perfect pot de creme will evaporate in your mouth faster than cotton candy. A perfect pot de creme will keep you from sharing. A perfect pot de creme will leave you wordless. Will humble you.”

Damn I want butterscotch and I definitely want a Pot de Creme.

And most of all…just once in my life I would like to write about something with the passion that Shuna showed these Pot de Cremes…inspiring!


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