Welcome to the 1700s James Packer

I think you’ll find it lovely here. There’s no mod cons, like electricity, the internet or automated gambling, but you and your draconian ideals should fit in well.

James Packer, you are a fucking joke.

As you can possibly tell I was incredibly bothered by a story I read in SMH online today. You can find it here.

Among the congratulations that must be rolling in on the birth of their new baby boy Jackson, should be the congratulations that James’ hardy male sperm found their way to Erica’s fertile eggs, and happened to carry the XY chromosome.

So now we can all breathe easy because the Packer empire has a son and heir. Only…wait a minute…what about their FIRST child, that pesky girl-child Indigo.

 The idea that the Packer dynasty will only live on now that they have a son is appalling and unspeakably sexist in this day and age. Because, you know, god forbid that a WOMAN be entrusted with the reins of a multi-billion dollar empire. I mean, clearly, we shouldn’t even be driving, let alone VOTING or WORKING.

I sincerely hope this is another example of shoddy reporting on the part of SMH.com.au and not an indication of the true situation…otherwise I think the Packers have a little explaining to do to Indigo.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the 1700s James Packer

  1. C'mon Tara – we all know that boys are smarter than girls! ; – } My little brother tells me all the time "you just sit over there and look pretty – let the men talk" heheSeriously – I wouldn't have expected anything less from the Packers – bit shameful tho !

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