Le sigh

It goes without saying that I miss things about home. My family and friends would be at the top of the list…but a very close second is a dishwand, you know one of those brilliant sponges with handles that you put dishwashing detergent in.

Like this:

Oh how I miss my dishwand…in fact I miss it so much that I googled it today to find out that it has a proper name, and that name is a dishwand.

I also miss Crunchies, Marie Claire, Delicious and GladBake. How do I know that I miss these things? Because they are what I asked Reece to bring back for me from his trip home this weekend.

Like anyone, I have days when I feel like its all too hard and I want to run back to Australia. I’m having an extended one of these moments right now, and am craving the comfort of home. My work is what is causing this, and I’m probably not ready yet to treat the subject with enough tact, so I’m going to refrain while I feel like this.

Suffice to say the thing I miss most, right now, is directness. I miss the straightforwardness of adults back home, I definitely miss adults acting like adults.

So anyway, that is my whinge.

When you are away for an extended period of time, what is it that you miss the most? I’d love to hear from anyone who has spent time in a very different culture…how did you handle it?


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