What's your dirty little secret?

I have many of them…they manifest themselves in many different ways and they all usually come out when I’m left alone.

Singing loud showtunes is one of them. So is plucking out every hair I can possibly find with a pair of tweezers.
Insanely I mutter to myself and occasionally have outright conversations with myself.

When I was a tween (ok probably as late as 14) I used to dress up in my mothers sheets and pretend I was in Rome. I was always a Roman Princess. And insanely fabulous I’m sure.

This afternoon I had my dinner at 4.30pm…and it was pancakes…and it was good. Pancakes are awesome, but pancakes at inappropriate times of the day are even better.

It’s not that Reece will deny me pancakes at any time of the day…rather that when you have an audience sometimes your dirty little secrets can be rather shameful.

So fess up…any dirty little secrets you want to share?


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