Filipino Moment 2

Driving home the other day down the South Super Highway I couldn’t help but notice the sounds of an ambulance screaming up behind us. This road is packed every day and night with cars swerving in and out, creating 4 lanes out of 3 and 3 lanes where there should really only be 1, typical Filipino driving to be sure.

So anyway…the ambulance is swerving in and out of traffic, sirens blazing, and not one car moved out of its way! Forcing it instead to swerve and merge around cars, buses and trucks with a serious sense of urgency.

It was a little disconcerting to say the least and made me secretly wish for good health over here more than anything else. The idea of not being able to get to hospital quickly because no-one recognises an emergency vehicle is truly terrifying.

We followed along behind it, going roughly the same speed on the Skyway. The Skyway is an elevated toll road that skips some of the traffic on the South Super Highway below. And it is a toll road, just like any other, with toll booths at the end.

And if I wasn’t wierded out enough, the ambulance slowed and then came to a complete halt. In the tollbooth queue at the end of the Skyway.


Remind me not to have a heart attack over here. I’ll most probably die while the driver fishes around for the correct change.


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