Customer service feedback in the Philippines – how not to be a bitch (demonstrated unsuccesfully by me)

Have you ever been handed one of those customer surveys to fill out to rate your experience at a restaurant? Of course you have!

Have you ever filled it out and wondered if anyone even bothers to read it, and more so, if anyone ever acts on your ratings and suggestions? I know I have.

Well after tonight I will wonder no more…and will possibly be a little sheepish in the future.

First of all, let’s call a spade a spade. When it comes to customer service I am a bitch. I am quick to judge, even quicker to be outraged, slow to forgive and more than happy to force my opinion and criticisms on anyone who will listen.

This is ok in Australia…land of rudeness directness. Not so ok in the Philippines.

We had dinner at a lovely Japanese restaurant in Powerplant Mall tonight (Sumo Sam for those of you reading from Manila). The food was excellent and the service was fine. What wasn’t fine was that the first feeling you get when you walk in the restaurant is that you are an intruder and not good enough to be there. It’s a little cold and disinterested.

At the end of the meal I was handed a customer survey form. I filled it out, rating the food as excellent, the value for money reasonable and the service as good. In the comments section at the bottom I wrote “The service at the entrance could be more friendly” and I handed it back.

Our waitress took the form and read it and hurried away into the kitchen with it. Two minutes later a woman who looked like the manager came out clutching the form and looking stressed. She proceeded to march to the front counter and brandish my form at the greeting staff.

After sufficiently chastising the two girls at the front counter, she came directly to our table.

“My name is Neah and I am the restaurant manager. Please let me assure you that I have met with the staff in question and they have been spoken to. I will also ensure that the rest of the staff receive your feedback. We can all hope to improve.”

By now I wanted the floor to swallow me. I couldn’t have felt more chastened.

After reassuring the manager that it wasn’t a big deal, just a passing comment and that the food was so excellent that we were always going to come back, we paid our bill and I slunk out of the restaurant, past the strained smiles of one of the two girls at the front counter. The other girl ran off and couldn’t face us.

Moral of the story…I am a terrible person.

So has anyone ever had confirmation that their feedback was listened to? If you have a story please feel free to share it in the comments below.


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