Office politics

I have had to adjust to many things over here…too many to mention really…and not having a career has been a big one. It has been a great opportunity so far to step back and re-evaluate where I am heading and what I really want. I had an interesting year last year…lots of ups and downs and decisions made and then abandoned as I tried to work out what I really want. I knew I was tired but wasn’t really sure what I was tired of.

This post is not about what I want to do with my future but rather a revelation that came upon me just this morning.

The thing that made me tired was office politics. Or more explicitly those personalities that make you dread going to work in the morning. We’ve all had them…the whinger, the nay-sayer, the lazy person, the bitch, the attention seeker and the silent assassin. There will always be one person in your office that rubs you the wrong way and that you have to work to be around.

Office politics invaded my little office-free Manila sanctuary this morning and I’m cranky about it. Just from one email I could feel my blood rise…but most of all I’m just over it, over the pettiness, over the bitchiness and over the adolescent posturing that happens in any office. Can’t we all just grow up and do our best to get along?

I’m not ready to go back to that world yet, Im not ready for how draining it is. Give me another 12 months or so and maybe I will have forgotten. And for fucks sake, in the mean time, keep your petty world back in Sydney and leave me alone.


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