The noughties

Let me say first up that this is a retrospective…it is going to be a long self indulgent post about the last ten years of my life…so if that kind of thing bothers you then its probably best that you turn away now.

So clearly I am now writing for myself.

On my recent trip back to Australia I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen for ages. It was a great catch up and in the course of the conversation she casually mentioned that this time 10 years ago we were in Germany.

Well that little fact has blown my mind to the point where I haven’t stopped mentioning it to people for the past 10 days (sorry Reece). Though it was Reece who said “think of all of the things you have been through in the last 10 years” and got me all serious and sentimental so really it is all his fault.

In the summer of 1999/2000 I travelled to Germany on an exchange program with my school. I was only 15 years old and it was truly a life changing experience. It whetted my appetite for travelling and I think made me a very self reliant person. We were basically treated as adults and were expected to act accordingly (with a few notable exceptions).

Never in a million years when I was traipsing around in the snow in Nuremburg or Munich or Berlin would I have imagined that in 10 years time I would be married and living in a different country!

So here’s my snapshot of the last 10 years

Grew up fast
Had knee surgery
Finished high school
Fell in love (mostly unrequited)
Started (but never finished) university
Saw my parents through divorce
Lost my grandmother
Lost my marbles
Lost some weight (put some on as well)
Travelled to crazy foreign lands for 6 months
Gained some amazing friends
Lost a couple along the way as well
Moved out of home…and then moved back home again
Learnt some valuable life lessons
Got up close and personal with depression
Started an amazing career
Fell in love again (this time for good)
Got married
Moved to another crazy foreign land

And somehow found the confidence to be myself along the way.

So sorry for being serious and self indulgent, and if you have made it this far I would love to know what your highlights were for the past 10 years.

Happy New Year to all! xx


One thought on “The noughties

  1. Hey Tara! Heres my snapshot of the decade…- Had my first 'serious' crush- Was baptised- Lost my dad- Moved to Australia- Made new friends- Kept old friends- Lost touch with some… But not others. Thanks, Facebook!- Got a stepdad, stepsister and stepbrother- Had my first boyfriend- Graduated from high school- Got interested in psychology- Went to uni- Wrote a lot of songs- Started performing them whenever I got the chance- Wrote a thesis- Moved house three times- Fell in love for real- Got engagedI liked your list! I think a bit of self-indulgent reflection is what the New Year's all about!IrishLaura xoxo

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