For the love of jelly…

So my darling husband has been incredibly sick battling a hideous throat infection. Being the super wife that I am* I have been taking care of him. During one particularly strained moment he told me that if I misrepresented him on my blog and make him out to sound pathetic without ensuring that everyone knew how horribly sick he was then he would sue me. He claims he was joking, but just in case consider this my disclaimer…he was really sick, so sick that for a few days I was fraught with worry…however there were also some entertaining moments during those days (well entertaining for me anyway).

At one stage I had been cutting his panadol into quarters because he was having trouble swallowing them due to his sore throat (and general incompetence) when he came up to me sheepishly to say, “Can I ask you a favour, can you crush my tablets for me.”


Another challenge was finding food that he could tolerate with the antibiotics and wouldn’t throw up. His throat was very sore so it had to be soft as well. I suggested jelly, thinking that it would be a good alternative to tinned spaghetti. Little did I know that jelly would pose such a problem.

So I headed to Rustans supermarket to search out some jelly, and not having any clue where anything is stored in the incomprehensible aisles I asked for help. Big mistake.

The usual modus operandi of the staff there is to tell me…”sorry ma’am out of stock” no matter what I ask for. It is then after 15 minutes of searching every aisle that I actually find 15 kinds of the thing that was supposedly out of stock.

So I asked someone where the jelly was. Blank look. Searching my mind I tried to remember what American’s call jelly…jello, of course. “How about jello I ask.” Blank look.

“You know, jello? It is a powder that makes water go hard. You know, makes it wobble.” (Insert wobble motion with hands and head here, you know, to make my point.) “It comes in fruity flavours, like lime or strawberry, lots of colours like red and green?”

Suddenly his face lit up with a smile…”Red and green? Ahh GULAMAN! This way ma’am.”

Of course, gulaman, I should have known.

*…may not actually be a super wife, but think that crushing tablets gets me at least some wifely brownie points


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