Deck the halls with boughs of…chrisanthemum

Filipinos LOVE Christmas…this much has been confirmed by me in the short time I have been here. The streets, shopping centres and even high rise buildings are literally covered in lights and decorations. These decorations start appearing in any month ending in -ber, which means Christmas trees in September are not an uncommon sight.

I really like their commitment to Christmas here…it is very joyful! The chrisanthemum is their christmas bloom of choice and it is everywhere, in its sparkly, multi-coloured glory. I for one hate chrisanthemum’s so will not be partaking in that particular tradition.

They also have some unusual Christmas installations including the odd animal display in the Powerplant Mall that includes moose and panda bears.

As I write this the Rockwell Christmas Party is is full swing in the park below our apartment. It is an event for those of us who live in Rockwell and includes food, drink and entertainment in the style of a cover band. The band is currently singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” and the crowd is going off! Other hits have included September by Earth Wind and Fire (just about to tour) and Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys (also about to tour).

Our stuff still hasn’t arrived so none of our Christmas decorations are here. I have compensated and now have at least a little Christmas spirit in the apartment in the form of an Advent wreath. I am missing our stuff cos I haven’t been able to bake Christmas biscuits yet this year! Next week I will be tackling Lebkuchen so fingers crossed! If all goes well I will post the recipe here.

For now, I leave you with a snapshot of Christmas in the Philippines.



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