Please be upstanding…

So I celebrated my day off today by taking myself off to the movies (I am constantly impressed with how grown up I am when I manage to do that).

I had settled down in the comfort of my own home this morning to watch my 90 cent copy of new release 2012 and being the clever shopper I had asked the lady at the shop to show me the quality of the copy and was impressed to see that it was a DVD copy, not cinema filmed. But alas it was not meant to be, when I started to watch it I discovered that she had pulled a massive swifty on me by showing me a good copy of the movie only to send me on my merry way with a cinema-filmed version. Bitch.

Foiled by the subterfuge of the DVD shop lady (because who would ever have thought that people selling pirated DVD’s would be dodgy??) I decided to be brave and take myself off the the movies to see it myself, on the big screen.

Tickets to the movies here are super cheap, we paid 200 pesos to see New Moon on Saturday, which works out to be roughly $4.50. Turns out cinema sessions are priced according to popularity or time of day because I ended up paying the princely sum of 115 pesos or $2.65 to see 2012. Who doesn’t love a bargain!

Being the anal person I am, and knowing that it wasn’t assigned seats, I arrived about 20 mins early and settled down to read my magazine and eat popcorn (it was BBQ flavoured…yay!) while I waited for the movie to start.

Turns out all my planning was in vain, because there ended up being only 10 people in the whole cinema. However, I was there all alone when an announcement suddenly flashed across the screen…


WTF? Is this a joke…seriously…am I being punked? I’ve been to the movies here before and this has never happened. Not wanting to be rude, or shot, or kicked out I stood and gave the national anthem my full respect. It was played and then I sat down again…still not a soul in the theatre. I turned around to see the projector guy leaning out the window just staring at me…perhaps he just put it on to amuse himself and see what I was going to do, or rather perhaps I am being paranoid and this is just something that happens all the time!

Either way, it was slightly disconcerting.


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