Fuck off John Coates

John Coates you make me so mad. I understand you have a job to do, but you are being utterly ridiculous and I believe that you are wildly over-exaggerating the importance of Australian gold medals to the Australian people.

We are a country of 21 million people, we frequently punch above our weight in the Olympics medal tally and now it is being predicted that we will finish eighth in London. Now correct me if I’m wrong but eighth sounds pretty respectable to me.

And I’m ashamed at your narrow-minded view of Australian people. Matthew Mitcham, Steve Hooker and Ken Wallace mean a lot to the Australian people, and I’m sure of you surveyed them on the street then they would be more than happy to tell you exactly what they all won medals for…only would they really?

Perhaps the Australians who you seem to think will collapse under the enormous weight of shame from only earning 46 medals could think of a better place to put this money? Let’s not divert it from sport, we all agree that sport is very important and intrinsic to our culture and identity, but perhaps these average Australians would like the extra $1 billion dollars you are asking for to be invested into making sure that every Australian child has the chance to play sport?

Do you know how expensive it is for kids to play sport these days? What with the boots, mouth guards, pads, uniforms, registration fees and everything else they need.  How about we use that money to ensure that every child in Australia can play the sport of their choice every year for the next 10 years?

How about we invest heavily into training and education programs in schools to make sure every child gets access to proper nutrition and health information at school. There’s an obesity epidemic happening if you didn’t know John and they say that it is important to teach kids from a young age.

I’m not saying that the AOC doesn’t deserve any money, I think it is great that we provide an avenue and support to athletes and potential athletes to pursue their dreams, I’m just asking you to temper your request a little and take a step back and realise that there may actually be more to life than winning medals.

Because here is the ridiculous thing, we still actually win medals, we’re just worried that we won’t beat the Brits.

We’re Aussies, we’ll support our Olympians no matter what, we’ll cheer them on and celebrate their triumphs. And then the Olympics will be over and people will go back to caring about things that actually make a difference to their day to day life, like whether or not their child can play the sport of their dreams and actually one day become an Olympian. But if they can’t afford to play John, then where are you going to get the next wave of Aussie legends?


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