I'm back…maybe

I really feel like I should say something hideously cliched to mark my tentative return to the world of blogging, but really, the 5 people who read this blog are also frinds of mine on Facebook and read my 10,000 status updates and are therefore well aware that life has been a little hectic.

I do have stories, but I am wrestling a litte with homesickness and husband-sickness (he’s in the US, not diseased) so am finding it a little hard to be chipper and upbeat enough to write them down. I am working on writing down a novel about my experiences getting a medical, but I’m not feeling nearly funny enough to do that story justice at the moment.

Life has been piling on top of me and I have been thinking so much about writing that it toally got in the way of actually writing. It wasn’t until I wrote a long and impassioned vent to my darling friend back home (and sent her a text message telling her to check her FB immediately) that I reliased that I just had to pull my finger out and just put keyboard to HTML screen.

I’ve learnt a lot in the past weeks…

  • Moving to a foreign country is an excellent way to test a week old marriage
  • Life is never what you expect it to be – and I am being punished I am sure for crowing about my planned life of housewifely bliss by finding myself employed 3 days after I arrived in the country
  • I hate lunch food here much more than I hate lunch food back home
  • I am never going to find somewhere that sells good sandwiches or salads for lunch (and I don’t particularly like sandwiches or salads), so am consigning myself to obesity or starvation…stay tuned for what I choose
  • There is simply too much good American TV on late at night for someone who has to be awake at 4.30am
  • The peso is not manopoly money, and I am not rich with 4000 pesos in my wallet
  • There are varieties of BBQ flavoured chips here that I never even dreamed of
  • Australia is pretty cool. Being paid to teach people about Australia is so cool that it sometimes doesn’t even feel like work, even with the 4.30am starts
  • I am obsessed with the fact that I have to wake up at 4.30am and feel the need to mention it obsessively
  • It really does take FOREVER to get anything done – case in point, our airconditioning has been broken for nearly TWO WEEKS 
  • I am much more resilient to heat than I ever believed possible
  • I am learning to be very specific…and to be patient…and to speak slower

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