It's really all happening!

Wow…what a week! I have finished work for the forseeable future and was so lucky to have a fantastic send off…much better than the last job I left!

It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that the last pay check I received yesterday could be my last for some time. It is truly terrifying to me to be relying solely on another person for my upkeep! Luckily it is Reece and he is fabulous and makes everything seem so easy!

I really just feel like I am on holidays at the moment. I think it will hit me when all of our furniture arrives in Manila that I really don’t have gainful employment and that I have to find some other way to be an equal in the relationship…I really hope this means that I don’t have to do the dishes forever, cos that would really suck.

So I’m sitting here in my dressing gown, scrubbed to within an inch of my skin and waiting for my lovely make-up lady to come and hopefully not turn me orange!

It is my hens tomorrow and amazingly I still don’t know what we are doing! I’m really impressed that every single one of my fabulous friends has managed to keep it a secret!

Anyway…just wanted to check in and not let this blog languish while life continues to speed by. I have a fabulous cupcake recipe to post soon…maybe I’ll find the strength to do it on Sunday in my hangover haze!


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