So being a typical bride I am in wedding countdown (5 weeks to go, today) and I’m stressing about how I will look on the day.

I’ve been on Lite n Easy now for a total of 9 days and I’m very impressed that I’ve made it this far to tell you the truth. My record with sticking to diets is not great…I’m very good at the first two days and then the Toobs call to me and I go running back.

Lite and Easy has been a success so far. It is fairly tasty, although there seems to be a preference towards capsicum that makes me slightly mad and after the first two days I haven’t really been all that hungry.

The reason while it has been a phenomenal success so far is that I jumped on the scales today after 9 days on it and I have lost 3.3kg. That screams success to me! I’m certain that it won’t last and I will plateau, hopefully still losing at least 1kg a week.

Anyway…so often women complain about their weight and we tend to discuss the bad stuff, not the good stuff. It somehow seems easier to put ourselves down, and i would rather be self-depreciating than be seen to gloat.

Well fuck it. I lost 3.3kg and am now 85kg…I haven’t been that weight for god knows how long and I’m feeling jaunty about it.

If you ever feel like gloating…please know that you can always come here and gloat! It’s healthy!


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